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Acriflavin has been used in the past to treat systemic bacterial infections as well as a host of other diseases, including Oodinium, Herpesvirus salmonilis, and many protozoan infestations. In the recent past, however, many resistant strains have developed due to its widespread use; therefore, its efficacy is questionable. If the infection is bacterial in nature, treatment is performed with daily baths of 500 mg/L for 30 minutes a day for five days. If the pathogen is protozoan, then a prolonged continuous bath of 7-10 days should be performed, with a dilution factor of 5-10 mg/L.

WARNING: Acriflavin will kill any plants in your tank if you are treating the entire tank with a prolonged bath of 7-10 days per protozoan treatment. Consequently, the use of a hospital tank with out any plants is advisable.
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