Since I’m an ardent fan of mobile games, the free-to-play franchise of the latest SimCity naturally excited me. The fact that it’s another freemium model got me going right from day one. The game remarkably does away with some of the most noted and stifling inconveniences and hiccups prevalent in other town-planning and city-building games. I found that the user interface was very easy and it’s easy to allocate plots, move and space buildings. Making way for roads is another directive here. A very crucial and heartening feature for me is that the game doesn’t contain any violence or acrimony between two characters.

The reason being, you have no person-to-person takes or mechanization here. This ensures that you don’t have to look after clash, enmity or crimes. You can solely focus on building the city. Pertaining to SimCity’s IAPs, the game comprises only one premium currency and that’s SimCash. It goes into two uses of the game or utilities in the in-game structure. You can compile small amounts to stump up your case and make the timers loose and make them flee. Players can also exchange bigger sums of money in return of Simoleons’ non-premium patterns. Despite the fact that you can obtain the same by playing the game more, you need far more resources to construct your edifices at a decent pace.

Herein I found the space that consumes the chunk of my investment. Despite this occurrence, I’d rather go for investing my time and effort in the main game-play than sweating it all out in this domain. Smart blokes or shall I say a little extra-smart blokes could go for simcity buildit hack, which gives you unlimited resources for free. No need to hit the in-game stores and go for app purchases. The online tool is safe and totally effective.

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I also found that there are certain obvious drawbacks of the game as well. With the timers abounding, the production of goods and supplies surpasses the building of houses. They appear to be superficial or tailor-made, which makes things irritating and complicated at times. Sometimes, the new buildings can play bloopers as well. While the zones and roads are free, their service structures do entail expenses. I got a little miffed with the fact an ordinary park can cost that high in the in-game currency. No, wonder the online tool has become the darling of so many gamers now!

Notwithstanding these little pitfalls, the game contains enough entertainment and action to attract you and keep decked up in the groove. There are some cynics terming the ingrained speed of the game as snail’s pace, but then you’ve got to remember that you can’t build a city with a magic wand. This is not Hogwarts and you don’t have magic broom or wand to do it. You build a city brick by brick, assess the locations that will suit housing units and factories and allocate likewise. It takes time for a city to grow and attain vibrancy. With all these factors, SimCity is certainly a compelling, fresh and promising rebirth of its celebrate kin.

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