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Infected fish have a grayish film on their skin and gills, along with white, pin-head sized bumps or lesions. The fish will also gasp for air at the surface. Other symptoms may include flashing, scraping, and weight loss.


Ciliates of the genera Trichodina, Trichodinella and Tripartiella. These parasites are unique in the way they harm their host. They use a ring of hooks to hold onto the fishís flesh and feed on bacteria rather than the host. While they are not feeding on the host, they do however damage the flesh of the fish in the process. These parasites can swim freely from fish to fish with a constant spinning motion and can move quickly throughout the body of the fish. They also multiply quickly and can survive up to 24 hours without a host.


Treat with Clout, Formalin, Quick Cure, Paraform, or Malachite Green. All fish, including the aquarium they inhabit, should be treated as this parasite is highly infectious.

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