As a fighter you need to attack the bad using your weapons. But Marvel: Contest of Champions mobile game is not only about attacking ferociously but it is also about strategies and planning. Energy conservation is required to fight well. The war is not about downright attacking but more about dodging and blocking so that you can live to fight more with less damage. Your Champions should always remain strong as energy is an important criterion to face tough quests. Your heroic characters should always remain at top level to take on additional quests so you can gain time and replay the earlier quests again so that you gain bonus and more power by them. When you collect many heroes you can win against your rival team especially through the 2-Star heroes.

Crystal Breakdown

There are different types of crystals that are a great resource in the game. The purple crystals are obtained on completion of quests. You get consumables that help to heal your Champions for every fourth hour of play which helps to strengthen the Champions. For every twenty four hours that you play, you get crystals by which you can obtain 2 star as well as high ranking Champions. You can also get strong Champions and 2 star heroes through Premium Hero crystals. When you participate in Quick Matches you get crystals on conversion of which you can obtain either Battle Chips or Gold Chips. This is turn can be exchanged for Arena Crystal or even a 4 Star hero. When you claim crystals each day, you can help to build your roster with new characters and gain ISP-8 catalysts. You have to move forward and acquire new characters to proceed well with the game. However if you are not able to win crystals or gold you can also avail the marvel contest of champions hack to proceed fast in the game and get to be an established player in the game as you get the crystals and gold for free.

Champions Breakdown

There are many Champions to be won through the Daily Crystals and Event Crystals. The Hulk is for Science, the Juggernaut for Mystic, The Vision for Tech, The Scarlet Witch for Mystic, The Hawkeye for Skill, The Gamora for Cosmic, the Black Panther for Skill, The Iron Man for Tech and the Colussus for Mutant. When you collect mighty heroes and team them up well, you can get synergy bonus in accordance with the relationships of the Marvel Comics. Their special moves are more powerful in accordance with their abilities and stats. There are always new Champions for every Contest and you can use them according to their capacity. Alliance should always be good and when you team up properly with your Summoners you have a strong Alliance to fight your battles and earn Alliance rewards to strengthen your power. Upgrade your champions and purchase new crystals as Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game is the best and safest game for all young teenagers who are in need of some fight and action.

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